The various castles we saw

This is the chateau de chambord, the biggest castle in our vacation, We had audio guides with the English language, so we were good. It has a corkscrew of a grand staircase, so Sadie would go on one side of the staircase, and I would go on the other, and then we would go up, and never meet!

This is the chateau d'amboise, the first castle on our vacation. It didn't have an audio guide, but it was great over all! The chateau d'amboise is also the only castle on the side of an elevated terrain, A.K.A. a hill. I also like the view! The river gives the paranoiac view of the town a lot of beauty.

This is not so much a castle, it's more of a dungeon, or donjon, as they say in France. There was this cage, that was to fit a man and a half, but dad manage to touch his head to the top! NO that doesn't mean he's a giant, it means that we modern humans are more evolved than those from the past.

Something funny
the gargoyle and his lunch

The notre dame cathedral had a lot of gargoyles in all these weird positions, and one was eating a chicken!

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