Our arrival.

Ladies & gentlemen, Madames & monseurs, we are in FRANCE!

I know we hadn't bloged yet but we haven't had wi-fi until now. Now our first house was a little cottage that looked like a storybook village house. It was small but we managed it. Right now we are in Paris and tomorrow, we are going to climb the Eiffel Tower!!! DA-DAAAAAAAA!!!

but that's well behind us. DA-DAAAAaa.. At la maison primer, ("the first house" for all of those that don't know what la maison primer means.) we saw castles, cathedrals, and dungeons. To all you listeners from the U.S.A., how's it going?


  1. Hey, Bennie! Been following your adventures, and it sounds like you are having a blast. I love your beret and hope to see it in person at the dojo soon!

  2. Bonjour, Benny! Lovin' your blog; I'll be looking for a tour guide, when y'all arrive home. Please tell Sadie that I like her pink beret... very girlie! Au revoir pour maintenant... Nicki-NY

  3. Dear Benny,
    It has been quite a joy to follow your adventures in France. I've been living vicariously through your family.
    Irene and Rhys really liked getting their postcard from all of you!!
    Welcome home!!