The Alps

These are the alps. We did all sorts of things here, like cycling, going to the bakery, stuff like that.
Dad did a lot of cycling. He climbed a huge mountain, that reached CLOUDS! And guess what, he got from bottom, to top. I even filled my pockets with euros and went to the bakery all by myself. I said "Bonjour madame. Je veux drey deux baguettes sil vous plait." (Hello miss. I would like two baguettes please). I got two baguettes for €2.00 (€=euro) did you know one euro is worth like a buck sixty? It's true. In France, instead of having the currency symbol at the beginning, it's at the end. (e.g. 1.00$, 1.00€, 1.00£, 1.00¥ [¥=Japanese Yen, and £=British Pound.]). Oops, I was so busy talking about money, looks like we are at the end of this post.


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