July 2: Bon Voyage!

Woke up with a lot to do. Took the animals to Patricia and Deva, where they will be lovingly kept for the month, stopped by to say goodbye to Ahno and the dogs, and got home to Dan flinging everything in the van. Or, rather, packing everything into the van with mathematical precision. It took about 4 hours to get to Veronica's house, with holiday weekend traffic in both directions and accidents and rogue vultures and other obstacles. We arrived at her house just in time to say hello, collect her, turn around and leave again, off to Dulles airport. On the way, Veronica gave us some last-minute French lessons: how to say "Salut, ca va?" instead of "Bonjour!" for example, to look like less of an idiot. We tipped out our van's contents at the departures area, waved goodbye, and we were on our own with our 95 bags. Three suitcases, one bike box, two laptop cases, two small travel bags, two violins, one purse, one helmet. This is a mental checklist that will be getting frayed and dogeared by the end of the month, probably. We got through security without incident, boarded the plane, and -- Bon Voyage, we are off to France!

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