Must Take Toys for France

The last time my daughter traveled with toys, we needed a special suitcase for all her stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, make-up, jewelry, and other types of accoutrement. This time, space is at a premium, so we've had to limit the kids to just a few toys that they can pack for France. Here's what's making the cut.

#1: Nintendo DSi

Today Dan bought the children SD cards for their DSi's, so they can take a mazookazillion pictures in France. They love to take pictures, and this way they can take their own. The DS's will definitely be coming to France with us. Nice for the plane, multi-functional during the trip, and good entertainment for tired children who have to wait a long time for cyclists to climb mountains. They can record themselves saying "GO LEVI! KILL IT! STOMP THOSE PEDALS! GO!" and replay it at home.

#2: Silly Bandz

Sadie is wild for Silly Bandz, silicone rubber bands that snap back into the shape of an animal or icon or symbol when you unstretch them. The kids are wearing them as bracelets, and originally I thought it was just kind of a lame-o trend to ignore. However, Sadie plays with Silly Bandz as if they are stuffed animals -- they have relationships and ideas and storylines and names. But unlike stuffed animals, they can fit onto an airplane in large numbers. Which makes them perfect for France travel! Yay Silly Bandz!

#3: Bakugan

Like Silly Bandz, Bakugan have names, identities, personalities, and tribal interactions. However, whereas Benny has rejected the idea of Silly Bandz, he loves Bakugan and plays with them enthusiastically, both with his sister and on his own. Bakugan are small, travel well, and have given Benny and Sadie many hours of pretend play. So they'll be choosing a dozen Bakugan to come to France.

#4: MP3 Players

Rechargeable, full of chirpy Irish tunes, 90s pop, Suzuki songs and Latin chants, the iPod knockoffs that I got the kids are still alive and still very useful for entertainment. I bought clunky off brands thinking that they'd get lost and then I wouldn't have to murder the children over electronics (again) but they've actually been pretty good about keeping track of them. If they return from France with their MP3 players intact, we might consider the real thing. But don't tell the children. At least not in English.

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