the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

Adapted by Robin Moore

This whole post is about this book I read. It's about a hunchback named Quasimodo, who was abandoned at the steps of the Notre Dame cathedral. I like the part when Quasimodo gets crowned king of fools, because it was cool, and people liked him. A sad part is at the very end when all the main characters die. Quasimodo was a nice person, ugly, or not. About the inside story, he is horribly deformed. Wonder this. Will Quasimodo get used to life outside the bell tower? Will he not get his butt whipped too many times? (Apparantly yes since I just told you so.) The gargoyle at its perch was his only real friend, and of course, he is the one telling the story. We are going to be at Notre Dame, which is located in Paris, France. Trust me. This will be the best trip

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