Sometime last July, while Ahno, Lydia and the kids enjoyed a warm, quiet evening in Emlenton, PA and I was probably in Norfolk, teathered to the nearest TV to catch the latest Tour de France coverage, Ahno suggested we go there in 2010. To France. For real. When Lydia suggested this to me, I responded by saying something like, "Are you kidding? Cause you have to tell me if you're kidding. If you're not kidding, I'm going to start planning the trip in ten minutes - right after this stage is finished."

The France trip started out with the sole purpose of catching some or all of the tour stages. Unfortunately, the route isn't published until October so finding locations to stay in would be moot until then. But we could identify major attractions outside of Paris that we'd eventually work into the schedule and start working out the logistics of taking five people to France while three four dogs and a rabbit stayed home.

At this stage, our basic needs were an airplane and airport somewhere in France, a few rental properties, a vehicle and a bicycle. Shouldn't be too hard.

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